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No matter what your health and wellness goals are, our nationally certified personal coaches will help you get into the best shape of your life. Coaches will guide you through a safe, effective and efficient session to feeling great and staying strong. From strength training, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular sessions, we offer a wide variety of programs to assist our members.

Individual and small group packages available for 60 minute and 30 minute sessions. Complete a Personal Training inquiry form online below or visit our membership serivce desk.

For more info contact:
Torrington: Stephanie Scoville (860) 489-3133 x107
Winsted: Mat Montgomery (860) 379-0708 x204
Canaan: Lisa Cornish (860) 824-2632

1/2hr 1hr 1hr
1 Session $37 $65 $40
4- Pack $141 ($7 savings) $247 ($13 savings) $152 ($8 savings)
8- Pack $267 ($29 savings) $468 ($52 savings) $288 ($32 savings)
12-Pack $391 ($53 savings) $687 ($93 savings) $423 ($57 savings)
16-Pack $510 ($82 savings) $895 ($145 savings) $551 ($89 savings)

*Group Fees are cost per person. Groups consist of at least 2 people.

Contact the Membership Services desk for more information.

YMCA Personal Training FAQs

What can a Personal Trainer do for me?
There are many reasons why people hire a personal trainer. Trainers are excellent for providing motivation, teaching safe workout techniques, giving individualized instruction, suggesting new effective workouts, to bolster confidence, to provide sport-specific training, assist with injury rehabilitation, and to teach new skills.

What type of training do the Personal Trainers have?
All of the YMCA trainers have at least one nationally recognized and independently accredited Personal Trainer certification, such as from ACSM, ACE, NASM, and NSCA. All of these certifying bodies require continuing education in order maintain certifications.

What happens at the initial Personal Training appointment?
The purpose of this first meeting is to assess what fitness information is most needed and desired. Typically your goals, limitations, history and nutrition will be discussed to provide information on how to get started or continue making progress towards your desirable fitness level.

How often should I work with a Personal Trainer?
The number of visits with a trainer will be based on your specific needs and goals. Clients who want to enhance their current workout or performance may want to purchase a 4 session package. Those new to exercise or those who like ongoing personal motivation may also want to purchase larger packages.

Is personal training right for you?


Thank you for your interest in our Personal Training program. Please fill out the questions below and a personal trainer or staff member will contact you to set up an appointment or answer your questions.

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