The Y

Healthy Living App

At the gym, at home or on the road, the Y Healthy Living App is your fitness and nutrition partner on the go! Live a healthier life by accessing meal plans, exercise programs, connect with fitness coaches, compete in contests and track your success. Everything you need to live healthy is now all in one place!

Here to Help You Reach Your Goals

The Y Healthy Living App keeps you engaged and motivated while laying out a path to a healthier, more active lifestyle as it provides access to Meal Plans, Exercise Programs, Workout Tutorials and Fitness Challenges, among many others things while allowing you to track your success and stay on track whether at work, at the gym or at home.

Through the use of advanced technology, the Y Healthy Living App not only delivers an accurate and easy way to track daily physical activity and nutrition, but also provides engagement tools, support recognition and rewards.

The technology behind the Y Healthy Living App is a new application that can be downloaded to iPhone or Android devices through their respective application store for no charge. The App can also connect to any personal wearable (i.e. FitBit, iWatch, etc) which tracks your activity levels and instantly syncs it with the device. The Y Healthy Living App keeps a tally on everything needed to live a healthier and more vibrant life – steps, calories burned, movement duration, distance, nutrition and calorie intake, and more.

Here is a how the Y Healthy Living App can help build a healthier you!

Gaining Access to Your New “Partner in Health” is Easy

1. Sign Up Directly through the App on your Smart Phone
Once the app is downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, click on the “Sign Up” button after opening the app. From there, you will be redirected to the Northwest CT YMCA website. Tap the “Sign Up Now” link, choose your membership type (Basic or Pro) and follow the directions. Once registration is complete, return to the app and enter your newly created username and password.

2. Go Directly to the Y Healthy Living Webshop from your Computer
Choose your membership type (Basic or Pro) and follow the directions. Once registration is complete, you can login online as well as through app on your smartphone.

3. Request an Invitation.
Stop in at the membership services desk and provide your name, email address and whether you would like a Basic of Pro membership, or simply email this information to Health & Wellness Director Mat Montgomery.

An invitation will be sent to you via the email address you provide. The email address will also serve as your Username. In the email, a link will be provided – click on it to open the member portal. To complete your registration, click “yes, use this account” and follow the steps in the web page to create your new password.