Race 4 Chase

Free Summer Youth Triathlon Camp - June 25-August 4, 2018

RACE 4 CHASE is a free youth triathlon program aimed at providing kids ages 6 to 12 with a safe, healthy, non-competitive environment to discover the sport of triathlon. At the culmination of the 6-week training camp, all the youth athletes come together to compete in a USAT-sanctioned triathlon race at Camp Sloper in Southington CT on the final Saturday of the program.
Race 4 Chase runs June 25-August 4, Monday-Friday 9:00 am-12:30 pm. Participants must attend all weeks and the final race, which takes place on August 4. A celebration will take place at the Y on August 6.

RACE 4 CHASE – which was named in honor of Chase Kowalski, an amazing young boy who died in the Sandy Hook Tragedy in 2012 – is run through a partnership between the Y and the CMAK (Chase Michael Anthony Kowalski) Foundation.

The program strives to empower kids to reach their full potential.

Contact Greg Brisco to learn more about the Northwest CT YMCA’s involvement with Race 4 Chase.




to the final race (Aug. 4)