Rising Star Camp


June 21 – August 13, 2021
Monday–Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Elks Pond, Torrington

Rising Star Camp is a structured day camp specially designed to promote self-esteem, conflict resolution skills, positive interactions and success in its participants. Rising Star Camp is a unique program that accommodates children who may not have had the opportunity to attend day camp. This program is also designed to support children who have struggled with the traditional day camp experience.

Some of the supports that are built into our program to ensure the success of every camper are:

  • A 1:6 staff to child ratio
  • Goal setting, between the camper and their counselor, at the beginning of each day, emphasizes the importance of making positive behavioral changes. A period of time is provided at the end of the day where the counselor and camper discuss the progress that was made towards their goal.
  • The camp program uses a reward system in which camp participants earn stickers with good choices/positive participation in camp activities; participants who have earned at least 20 stickers throughout the week are able to attend the weekly event day. If additional stickers are earned, children may spend them at the weekly “Sticker Store” which is held on Thursday afternoons.

Rising Star Camp is open to youth ages 6 to 13 years old.

While the Leader- In- Training (LIT) campers may participate in some regular camp activities, much of their camp session is spent as a group participating in leadership development. The (LIT) program provides participants with the opportunity to develop strong leadership skills and self-confidence in the camp setting. These skills are not only applicable to camp but will foster leadership skills that will continue to develop throughout their lives. These skills will be utilized in their future schooling, workplace practices, and general well being.


Rising Star Camp
Rising Star Camper Scholarship


Camp will be a little different this year, but we are looking forward to a lot of fun! Please fill out the forms below by downloading them. Save and send via email to Julissa Martinez at

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